Monday, September 21, 2015

Placentia Bay 2015: Finishing the trip in Monkstown

We got the forecast from the folks in Southeast Bight the evening before.  A tropical storm was on the way.  Our timing was spot on.  On the last day of our 7 days in Placentia Bay we were in Channels Harbour, 13 kms from Monkstown where we had dropped a vehicle.  We'd be off the water and home and dry before the storm hit.

The morning was calm.  There was even a table left by cabin owners that I used to make breakfast.

Channels Harbour is an inlet off of Paradise Sound.  Out through here and a right hand turn and we were ...

... off paddling north in Paradise Sound.

Paradise Sound is a 30 km long, narrow arm of the sea running north without a lot of diversions to occupy the mind.  Dean and Terry charged ahead.  I decided I'd just settle into a relaxed paddle rate of 30 per minute and let them go without worrying about keeping up

The shore changed very ...

... little.

Eventually, 13 kms later I spotted a bump out in the straight coast.  I knew Monkstown lay just beyond.  Around the bump I spotted the first signs of the town.  Usually the dories are white but someone, maybe Lukey, had panted his green.

I passed by a traditional looking fishing stage, then the homes along the shore and ...

... beached not long after Dean.

Here's the complete journey viewed in Google Earth:

The day was a short paddle of 13 kms.  It had to be as we had to, first, take the vehicle dropped here back to Davis Cove where we put-in six days before to retrieve the others, second, unload and pack the gear into the cars and, third, stop for our usual meal of fish & chips before the almost three hour drive home.

A short day on the final but a not too shabby 120 for the trip; two short days forced on us due to wind.  It was a most enjoyable trip highlighted for me by the two churches we saw at St Kyran's/St. Leonard's and by the paddle into Toslow.

Now, where are my maps so I can start contemplating next year's trip?


  1. Thank you for sharing! It's been an interesting journey to follow. Safe paddling!

  2. Looks like you guys had an amazing trip. So many of your pics made me really yearn to be on the water. As usual, I'm very jealous of all the paddling you guys get to do! Cheers, Brian

  3. Thanks guys. It was an amazing trip, more than I expected when we planned it. Not meaning though to make anyone jealous.

    Tony :-)