Sunday, May 10, 2015

Watching a masterpiece

Usually our paddles begin around 9:00 but Saturday with the promise of better weather in the afternoon, we decided on a 1:00 pm put in.

We were well inside the headlands of Cape St. Francis and Bay de Verde Peninsula yet we could feel the 2 meter swell out in the open ocean.  It wasn't going to be  flatwater paddle.

The swell went "swoosh" as it hit the land.

At the G-Spot the swell went skywards when it hit the rocks while Dean sizes things up deciding whether to chance it or not.  Eventually, he went and ...

... promptly disappeared under a huge wave ...

... and emerged being swept up on the rocks.  I watched with a certain amount of concern as the kayak was turned 90 degrees and pointed towards the rocky cliff.  Losing his balance as the water sucked out, he went over, rolled up, went over under the next incoming wave and ...

... rolled up a second time to safely paddle away.  Concern turned to admiration for the skill with which he got out of the situation.

We paddled on and reached Sailing Point where there's also a channel, though narrower than the G-Spot.  After witnessing Dean's just concluded adventure, we all passed on chancing its passage.

Just catching the heads of Gerard and Brian on the other side of the swell as Dean and Terry ride up its face.

Catching Brian just before he went out of view.


At Beachy Cove we stopped for a while protected from the swell before carrying on to ...

... Portugal Cove.

We got out on the small beach near the Bell Island ferry terminal to stretch out legs.  The ferry was just arriving from Bell Island as we began out paddle back and our usual coffee to debrief the paddle.  No question the highlight of the paddle was the masterpiece of paddling Dean put on display to get himself out of trouble.  You've come a long way baby! *lol*

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