Thursday, May 14, 2015

Crappy weather ... meh!

Wednesday evening get-togethers are fixed.  The weather is not.  So, yesterday evening I expected a low turnout when it was foggy and cold.  Five of us braved the weather nonetheless.

We waited till 6:00 to give late comers a chance to join us.  At 6:00 we headed north into just a little breeze with small wind waves.

Like Brian said, he'd rather paddle back with the wind from behind.

The tide was in the process of falling but was high enough to paddle through offshore rocks.  In some places it was benign but in other spots it was ...

... just enough action to make it fun.

Four kilometers later we were at Wester Point in Portugal Cove where we turned to return to St. Philips.

The water and air temperatures are not yet such to temp us to jump into the water for any amount of time doing self and assisted rescue practice.  That will come as spring progresses ever so slowly for us.  In the meantime, its more about boat control and linking paddle strokes.

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