Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tracing the Topsail fault to Bauline

The Topsail fault is a prominent feature along the east side of Conception Bay.  It separates Harbour Main volcanic rocks from Cambrian and Ordovician age rocks, where discernible, that is, not under water.  All long the east side of the fault the hills rise vertically from the sea so much so that we are in shade at Portugal Cove as we ready to put in.

Once out on the water and out of the shadow of the bald hill overlooking the cove our foursome of Dean, Hazen, Lev and myself were in brilliant sunshine.

Soon we are under the hills again and the early sun hasn't had time to creep high enough in the sky to win the battle over shade.

The rocks along here are the oldest on the Avalon Peninsula dating from the Paleoproterozoic, that is, older than 1.5 billion, with a capital B, years old.

An hour later we were at Brocks Pond falls where the outflow of Brocks Pond tumbles over the 100 meter cliffs.  The sun slowly crept into the sky and I had to shield the camera lens from the sun with my cap, oops just visible.

To the west lay the Ordovician rocks of Bell Island isolated from everything else.

It seemed the closer we got to Bauline the more imposing the cliffs got.  The cliff highlighted by the sun rose a further 100 meters above the prevailing landscape to reach 200 meters.

Two hours later and 12 kilometers on we reached the community of Bauline clinging on to a notch in the long march of cliffs.

We stopped for a bite to eat in Bauline.  While we had lunch a van full of tourists arrived in the harbour.  They were lucky with the weather for Bauline would not look so quaint in rain and fog.  It would look more like the land god gave to Cain.

Finished our lunch I had the feeling our foursome was more of a draw than the scenery as we left the harbour to return to Portugal Cove.

Thanks guys for a most enjoyable day on the water.

Here's a link to Dean's blog for his take on the day.

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