Saturday, October 18, 2014

Getting out before Gonzalo

This morning hurricane Gonzalo was just leaving Bermuda as I left home and it had the Avalon Peninsula in its sights next.  The leading edge of the hurricane had winds forecasted to be close to 35 kms with gusts to 50ish.  It seemed wise to stay close so the invite went out for a bounce in the cove at St Philips.

Only Terry was able to paddle so it was just the two of us.  It was blowing alright but nothing challenging in the cove so I suggested we paddle up the coast a bit and if the wind intensified we'd turn and be blown back.

There was very active water along the coast which made for some interesting paddling and exercise of judgement.

We paddled the 6 kms to Topsail Beach where we got out to stretch our legs.  The wind wasn't what it was supposed to be; blowing maybe 25 kms with gusts to 35.  Meh!

On the way back though it picked up close to 35 kms and gusting to 50.  The sea quickly picked up in size making it a fun ride back along side the cliffs.

As we neared St. Philips we were elated that we had decided to take a paddle away from the cove.

However when I got home I was massively disappointed to find the video I thought I was shooting wasn't on the camera.  Drats, I had put to sea without checking the battery which, it turns out, was out of charge.  The stills I was taking I knew wouldn't do justice to the sea state so I thought some video would.  Unfortunately I left some really good video out there.

That's a lesson for the next time.  Anyway, I was happy to get out for a paddle before hurricane Gonzalo arrives and the poo hits the fan.

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