Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Top paddles of 2013 - #8

On February 3rd Brian, Dean and I had a paddle from St. Philips to Topsail Beach.  We paddled a lot last winter.  There was only one weekend I did not paddle.

This is a familiar shoreline but its close to home which is good in the shorter days.

Dean was still in his yellow Sirrocco.  So far, nothing unusual transpired as we paddled along the snow and icicle draped cliffs.  Nothing unusual that is until ...

... we reached Topsail Beach.  There's a lagoon behind the beach with a small stream that empties into the sea.  There seemed to be a bit more water running.  I don't remember who came up with the idea to run it in our long sea kayaks but that's what we did.  Dean went first in his plastic boat, then Brian in his strip-built.

Then I took my turn (Dean's photo) in my fibreglass.  What was I thinking?  Anyway I made it down without holing the kayak and only  few light scrapes.

We made it back to St. Philips and washed up our gear in the river as is our practice whether its summer or winter.

I've paddled many, many times out of St Philips towards either Topsail Beach or Portugal Cove but the little run in the stream made it different and memorable.  That's why I put it on my list of top paddles for the year.

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