Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top paddles of 2013 - #2

Between August 8th and 11th half a dozen club members took part in a four day kayak camping trip in the vicinity of Ireland's Eye.  We started in Burgoynes Cove and finished in Trinity.  The first day we drove out to Burgoynes Cove, shuttled the cars to Trinity and then had a shortish paddle of 16.5 kms to First Pond where we camped for the night.

We had absolutely clear skies and a spectacular view of the stars and Milky Way wheeling overhead.

We arose early at First Pond to brilliant sunshine to paddle over to Thoroughfare which we checked out for suitable camping before circumnavigating Ireland's Eye island.

We stopped into Ireland's Eye, the former community, to have a look that included ...

... the remains of the community church, seen here, and post office and school.  Done exploring we returned to Thoroughfare to set up camp, have happy hour, cook supper and have our usual bonfire.  The total paddled on the day was 25 kms.

The morning of the third day was overcast and the wind picked up as the day progressed.  Decamped we crossed back over in the direction of Popes Harbour in calm conditions.  While in Popes Harbour the wind had picked up as did the sea state.  We stayed close together as we made our way steadily up the coat and decided to stay in Kerleys Harbour.

We set up the tents under threat of heavy rain which was due.  We were lucky though as we got in a nice hike onto the distant hills, set up a clubhouse to house our bar for the evening and had a swally before the rains came pouring down.  Another 18 kms to add to the trip total.

Rain in the cooking ware stood at about 2 inches when we got up in the morning.

On day four we completed our trip into Trinity.  It was overcast as we left Kerleys Harbour but as we paddled in a northerly direction the sun came out behind us while we were still paddling into fog around Bonaventure Head.

The fog burned off as the day wore on and 22 kms later we made our way into Trinity in bright sunshine.

After unloading the kayaks we stopped for a feed of fish & chips before driving home.

This was just a quick overview.  The original posts for each section of the trip can be checked out by clicking on "Ireland's Eye" in the sidebar on the right.

It was a great trip to a location that was on my radar for quite some time.  I was glad to get it done and plan to return sometime.  It was easy to pick for my list of top paddles.

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