Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Entertainment in Gulch Pond

After we had the tents set up at Gulch Pond we got ready for the evening festivities.  We had a BBQ planned and we needed wood for heat too because it was going to get cold.

We picked up wood along the beach and piled it up and we ...

.... harvested wood from dead wind falls in the area.

We had a good pile of wood gathered and used the small stuff to build up a bed of coals for the BBQ.  Dean prepares the mushroom and onions using instructions from his wife.

It was only a matter of patience waiting for the potatoes to bake before we could put the steaks on the grill.

The water was flowing like a river out of the pond into the sea beside our kitchen area.  It was a clear, calm evening.  We all guessed as to the strength of the current.

After we finished the BBQ we put the bigger wood on the fire for heat and sat around the fire within reach of its warming effects.  There were no clouds in the sky so what heat the sun provided during the day was going to escape skywards.  It was going to get cold.  The thermometer was going to go under 0 C.

As the evening turned into night it really got cold and it was time for a Tony fire.  We needed the heat.  We got into the sleeping bags warm as frost started to form on the tents.

It was the end of our most pleasant first day at Gulch Pond for the Thanksgiving day weekend.

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