Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blowing in the wind

Yesterday the wind was blowing westerly at 32 knots with gusts to 39.  I looked over the bay with binoculars.  I was awash with whitecaps.  I wondered if I should check it out.  Wondering solved, Brian mailed and we met at St. Philips at 2:30 to test the waters.

Paddling out through the harbour channel the wind hit us smack in the faces.  As I exited the wind caught my bow and pushed me broadside to the wind and waves and threatened to push me up on shore.  Some fully extended paddle sweeps got the bow pointed into the wind and I escaped.

 The huge waves beyond the point beckoned.  Keeping to the south side of the cove the wind was manageable but paddling out past the point was not possible.  Near the point the wind threatened blow the paddle out of my hands and blow me over as well.  It was a no-go zone.

The wind and waves cornered around the point and thus the waves were smaller.  We contented ourselves with some short surf rides inside the cove for just over half an hour before calling it quits.  It was a short spell but we were glad we put-in.

I shot some video and have it posted on YouTube.

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