Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mocha Java

All the comforts of home

Just because the kayak trekker leaves home to go on kayak camping trips doesn't mean there's a need to rough it. OK, so the queen size bed can't come along but the trip can be made plenty comfortable. It all depends on personal tolerances.

The roof overhead may not be substantial yet it keeps me dry and out of the wind. I have an old style air mattress that blows up to 3 inches thick. Snuggled up in the sleeping bag I'm as comfortable as I am at home.

Cooking on a one burner stove is a challenge in comparison to the four burner stove but doesn't the food taste better when cooked in the great out-of-doors?

The culinary treat for me on our south coast trip came the evening we stayed at Wreck Island. I boiled the kettle to have hot chocolate. Ralph had instant coffee. I suggested I'd give him some hot chocolate mix for a pack of coffee. Voila, we both had a mocha java. Yes, without the cream but still a fine treat so far away from Starbucks or Tim Hortons.



    and now you can have cream.. Ok reduced fat milk, but it doesnt need to be refrigerated, and you can use it coffee, or cooking, or cold cereal.


  2. Details on the reduced fat milk pO?

    Tony :-)

  3. cut and paste that link - not sure why it isn't working. All the info you need. sorry for the delay.