Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back to Burgeo

The final leg begins

We broke camp at a reasonable hour and began the final leg of our trip back to Burgeo. The winds were calm but there was a little swell. The swell didn't cause us any concern here but there was a thrill ride in our future.

Ralph calculated the paddle into Burgeo was 15 kms. A day hop - maybe!

The Nuddick

Leaving Wreck Island where we camped we paddled along between the mainland and Baring Island, Green Island and Seal Rocks. As I approached Seal Rocks it became obvious how it got its name. I could hear the grunting and other sounds seals make as they left the rocks and entered the water. They had seen us first so there went a picture op.

The water got bigger

We continued on towards Kelpy Cove Point all the while the swell was building to 2 metres until we reached Barasway Point. The ride of the trip. The swell kicked up to 3 metres and with the clapotis it got very bumpy as we rounded the point inside of 100 metres. The Nordkapp again proved its worth with a rock steady solid performance.

After Ralph and I rafted up to pump out the water in his cockpit Barasway Bay opened up in front of us like a broad grin. At the bottom of the bay a huge sandbar swept around as in the shape of a crescent moon. The swell still present propelled us along at 5 knots as we swung through the bay.

Sheltered cove

Time for a break and a good thing too. Somehow in the rough and tumble of getting around Barasway Point my water bottle wasn't completely capped and I had lost all my water. I was bone dry thirsty. I had about a cup of drinking water left in the day hatch and that would have to do until I got back to Burgeo.

The last section

We came out of Barasway Bay at Fox Point to the left with the islands of Burgeo just visible on the horizon. A kick to port and we were back at Sandbanks Provincial Park and within hailing distance of the finish.

Returning to Sandbanks

We had stopped at Sandbanks Provincial Park for a break almost a week ago when we paddled around the Burgeo Islands. Now, we were cruising past the same spot 6 days later. I reflected that it was hard to believe it was such a short time ago because so much had happened in the intervening time.

Back to the start

We paddled back to the Burgeo Haven B & B where we decided to stay for the night before driving home the next day. It gave us a chance to wash off our gear, give ourselves a good scrub in the shower and rest for the 900 km drive home the next day.

We started the final leg of our trip thinking we only had 15 kms to complete. Somehow the sums didn't add up because upon arrival at Burgeo the GPS said 25 kms. The total for the return from Harbour le Cou in four days was 109 kms.

A great adventure and a great paddle.

The first thing I did after getting out of my paddling garb? A double dip of chocolate ice cream at Joy's Place diner and a cold root beer. A great way to top off the trip.


  1. and like that your a published writer!

  2. I'll drop you a line Brodie to see what you have in mind. Don't nominate me for a Pulitzer Prize just yet though *lol*

    Tony :-)