Sunday, September 8, 2019

Beating Dorian to the punch

Those reading from North America will be very familiar with Hurricane Dorian that decimated the Bahamas earlier this week.  It lashed the east coast of the US as it made its way north and was due to arrive in Newfoundland on Sunday.  A club paddle out of St. Philips was squeezed in on Saturday before it arrived.

Eleven paddlers showed up to enjoy a sunny and calm day on the water.

It was a short paddle of 10 kms to Portugal Cove along a shoreline in shadow with the sun to the est.

While it is a short paddle there are numerous rocks that can be paddled around that add to the entertainment value.

I lurked behind rocks to catch different members of the group as they passed by.

Its a paddle for me but its also about keeping my eyes open for photo ops.  Sometimes the other senses lose out during a paddle or a hike when the emphasis is on sight of picturesque scenes but attention to smell and touch is also important.  The sea has its own unique smells and the feel of water temperature on the hands adds to the experience.

Cathy joins me among these rocks.

At Beachy Cove the gang stopped to enjoy the sun's rays in front of the contorted rocks mangled by the heat generated by the Topsail Fault which defines the shoreline here.

An hour later after a relaxed paddle from St. Philips we came to Portugal Cove where we took out on a small beach to break up the paddle before the return to St. Philips.

Dorian arrived on Sunday but we had beaten its arrival with another super day on the water.

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