Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A small berg is still a berg

I knew there was an iceberg by Kellys Island because I could see it riding my bike long the coastal trail; finding the time was the issue.  Today I found it so I went to the harbour at Long Pond.

It didn't take long to get underway passing the "industrial complex" as a ship was unloading something I know not what.

About to exit the harbor I caught sight of the berg across at the island.

A short 30 minute crossing had me at the island with a couple of berg bits.  There were a few boats out too so I had to be careful because a kayak does not have high visibility.

Arrived at the island I paddled along the cliffs towards the berg under increasingly ominous skies.

And so, I reached the berg scoping it out from a distance for stability.

I took my time going around the berg cock wise for every side looks different.

Another side sparkling under a sun sneaking through broken cloud.

I hung out for about 30 minutes and took a parting look before ...

... heading back across the bay after a fantastic day on the water.

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