Sunday, January 27, 2019

Return of Gullfeather

In January 2011 Stan and I took winter kayaking to a new level.  Granted others had paddled winter time but not consistently over the whole winter.  For a variety of reasons we hadn't paddled together for quite some time.  Today, we re-established the connection.  We, along with Cathy and Dean put-in at Tors Cove.

We decided to make for Great Island on our way to the resettled community of LaManche.  Cathy in foreground, so to speak, and Stan, in his kayak "Gullfeather".  It was an open water crossing to the island directly over their heads

It was cloudy and -5C with the wind chill but I believe it was colder than the weather forecast promised.  The sun tried its best to penetrate the clouds but still brightened up the sea ahead.

Arriving at Great Island.

Some recent warm weather and rain took away a lot of the snow but not the cascade of ice.


We decided to head for the mainland shore but not before Cathy suggested we should paddle around this seastack and rocks.  Turns out it was a great idea and a first time through we had not noticed before.  A first time is always memorable.

Back on the main shoreline we poked into this deep cleft in the cliffs.

We reached the resettled community of LaManche and its signature suspension bridge of the East Coat Trail.  A quick stop to answer the call of nature and a quick snack and we were on our way back to Tors Cove.

It was cold, just sayin'!  We were chilled and our hands were cold but they soon warmed up wrapped around a bowl of hot chili or, in my case, a bowl of spicy Thai soup.  And a hot covfefe of course!  It was an awesome day with a little chop.  Thanks to Cathy, Dean and Stan.

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