Saturday, October 20, 2018

A question of balance

Its been over two months since I was in my kayak.  There are a variety of reasons too complicated for a short explanation.  Nevertheless, I hope today is the first day of my recovery.  I sent out some emails but I only got two affirmative replies.  Cathy, Shane and I had a short paddle before the southerly gales set in.

Its not only me that has suffered a lapse in paddling.  Dean, the kayakoholic, has directed his energies to hiking.  Clyde went biking today.  Brian, other stuff.  For many years my adventures were centered exclusively on kayaking.  That changed last year when I ...

... bought a fatbike.  In the current calendar year I've been on the bike more than I've been in the kayak.  I also recently completed a three day hike completing the Long Range Traverse the northern extension of the Appalachian Mountains.  Several years ago Dean and I paddled 12 straight weekends from New Years Day onward.  Most years I clocked over 1,000 kms.  But ...

... this year I'll be woefully short of past years targets.  That's not necessarily a bad thing if the lesson of achieving a level of balance is learned.  Kayaking will always be a part of my adventure life but biking and hiking will add greater balance.

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