Saturday, February 4, 2017

Icicles, counting inventory

This morning it was -10C and -19 with the windchill.  I proposed a paddle later in the day when things warmed up a little but none of my paddle buddies were able to free themselves.

At 1:00 it had warmed up *lol* to -9C and -17 with the windchill.  I decided I'd go anyway.  There were pans of ice on the harbour I had to break through to get to ...

... open water.  The salt water was frozen to both piers of the channel and a bit of wind was blowing with some considerable bite to it.

Salt water spray froze to the Rock of Ages but only above the high water line.

I passed along cliffs covered in ice until I came to my first rack of icicles.  While it was bitterly cold I took my time paddling easily lest I overheated ;)

Ice started to build up on the kayak, the paddle and myself.  Every now and then I had to plunge the paddle into the salt water to dislodge the ice making it difficult to grip the paddle.  The ice build up on my mitts made operating the camera difficult as well causing me to take pictures I didn't intend while pressing the power button.  Here's one of the skirt icing up.

Icicles draped over a small overhang.  Some were tinged brown where the water picked up dirt in the runoff.

Some ice build up on the captain at Topsail Beach where I floated for a bit before heading back.

Back at the river in St. Philips the kayak had a thick layer of ice as did the paddle. 

I usually wash up my gear in fresh water where I can to save doing it at home.  This time I thought better of it remembering a time a few years ago when the fresh water froze my day hatch shut.  Only Brian happening upon Dean and myself saved the day by getting a bucket of hot water and freeing the hatch cover so I could get the car keys out.

I changed out of my drysuit behind an open car door that gave me some protection from the wind.  I tried to beat some of the ice off of the kayak before hoisting it on the roof rack without much success.  The ice added considerable weight, especially on the foredeck, making it a bit of a weightlifting exercise to get it loaded.

Was I happy I went?  Yes but it took a few hot drinks home before I felt warm again.

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