Monday, November 14, 2016

Noah's Ark - Update

On August 3rd we met in St. Philips for our usual Wednesday evening practice.  It was calm so we went for a paddle to Portugal Cove.  Along the way we came upon this contraption of a boat.  We had no idea who owned it or how it came to float here.  It was taking a good pounding on the rocks and some of the boards had come off floating in the water.

We checked to see if anyone was aboard, dead or alive, but there was no one.  We went on and a week later we paddled the same shoreline but the floating object was gone.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a CBC Newfoundland article online indicating it has washed up in Ireland recently.  Here's a link to the article.  Good for a chuckle for sure!


  1. it's a small world after all :-)

  2. The news was on BBC!
    But you were first! ;-)