Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dusting off my kayak

I feel like the summer has passed me by.  Since the middle of July I've been busy with a housing project and I haven't paddled much.  I stated to shingle the roof but decided to pass it off to a dedicated roofer.  But, since then I've been busy replacing 320 linear feet of plywood soffit with vented vinyl and cladding the facia with metal.

I used my table saw quite a bit and looked with dismay as sawdust settled on my kayak.

Here's a shot of my handiwork setting up some scaffolding I put up.

But, all good things must come to an end; or, in this case my travails.  Wednesday evening was the first time in a month I was in my kayak.  The relief as I put in on the water to step in was palpable.  Slowly the sea washed the accumulated sawdust away.  I waited for my friend Cathy to burp her drysuit and celebrate my rebirth, so to speak.

Three of us paddled out into the cove with wind waves rolling in.  We hung around in the cove for a while as we were joined by others making a group of nine.

This was all well and good but I hungered for a bit more action.  As did Shane so ...

... of we went towards Topsail Beach hugging the shore to take maximum advantage of the waves rolling in and bashing the shoreline.  I looked behind off and on but we were off on our own.

It didn't take long to settle in to a comfortable rhythm after a month off.  A couple of times I got pasted by breaking waves including a narrow escape from getting carried onto the rocks with Shane.  We paddled a couple of kilometers enjoying action before turning back to meet some of our buddies coming towards us to accompany us home.

I didn't take many pictures; I was enjoying myself too much.

So, I have not gone into the great beyond.  I will be back to my usual self and paddle regularly.  I've got  lot of catching up to do.

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