Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hip, hip, horray: Back in the saddle again

The last time Hazen paddled was October 13th last year.  Not long after that he had his second hip replacement operation.  His recuperation was going well and it was time to get back on the water.  Wednesday was a perfect day with light winds.  I suggested a short relaxed paddle to start his ease back.

Brian, Derek and Shane joined the paddle.  Here, Shane paddles in the icy slush that had formed along the shore.  It was like paddling in wet cement so ...

... we paddled further offshore where it was easier in the open water.

Recent rains have washed away the snow that fell earlier in the winter.  Icicles former where the rain and meltwater ran off the land.

It was a relaxed paddle ... Derek takes a break.

About 5 kms down the shore we had gone far enough for Hazen's return to paddling.  Over the next few weeks it will be a gradual build-up of distance as he recovers his paddling fitness.  Somehow most of the slush had disappeared on our return.

Almost back we ran into the icy slush again.  At the Rock of Ages I said to Brian "slush or no slush I'm going to paddle around it".  The kayak slowed to a crawl as we forced our way around the rock with a series of different paddle strokes as a bow rudder was impossible in the sticky mixture.

It was a short paddle of 10 kms and that was fine.  It was after all only a chance for Hazen to reacquaint himself with Miss PJ (his kayak).