Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Four crossings on a peanut butter sandwich

Yesterday's paddle took some time to develop.  Gerard mailed to check on interest for a paddle.  He was prepared to go anywhere.  I suggested a paddle from Long Pond to Kelly's Island.  Hazen replied to keep him in the loop.  Gerard went to Calvert.  Too late for a longish drive for me so I got into some chores.

The day was just too good to pass up for a paddle so I dropped what I was doing and convinced Hazen to do a paddle from St. Philips, again, to Topsail Beach.  I didn't have time to grab much to eat so a peanut butter sandwich had to do.

As we padded down the shore for what looked to be a 14 kms day, Kelly's Island and Little Bell Island, on the horizon above Hazen, entered our thoughts.  Arrived at Topsail Beach, Kelly's Island beckoned.  So, off we set into freshening wind and waves to make the 6 kms crossing.

We got out at Easter Beach for a short break; one crossing done.  Well, what's next we mused.  It was such a beautiful day we felt obligated to take advantage of it.  That decided it; we'd make the almost 3 km crossing to Little Bell Island behind me in the middle distance.  (Hazen photo)

I thought we'd go straight to Little Bell Island but Hazen thought we should go around so we did and on the back side we spied the object of our second crossing.

The second crossing completed we go out for another short stretch and a phone call home.  What was going to be a 2 hour paddle was getting out of hand so we had to let our better halves know we'd be late.  Good and late.  From Little Bell Island we set off for Bell Island in the distance 4 kms away and ...

 ... arrived at the community of Lance Cove.  (Hazen photo)

Third crossing completed.

The sun was beginning to set behind us as we paddled north more of less in the shade along Bell Island and from there we completed our fourth crossing, 5 kms back to St. Philips. (Hazen photo)

It was coming on dark when we arrived and dark by the time we had changed out of our paddling gear and the kayaks loaded.

A tad shy of 32 kms on a peanut butter sandwich, I was anxious to get home and supper.

Here's the track for the day, in hot pink.

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