Monday, April 13, 2015

Its Hammer time

Sunday morning was going to be windy.  A good time for a bounce in St. Philips as Neville took delivery of his new ocean playboat, a P & H Hammer.

Well the forecast was wrong.  No wind but a bit of easy action along the shore made perfect conditions to take the Hammer for a test drive.

We stopped to fool around at the G-Spot.  Again nothing very big, just enough to get a feel for the boat.  Also, easy for Clye, Dean and myself in the fibreglass Nordkapps.

At Sailing Point the channel was calm.  Neville had the skeg down for tracking.

Exiting another channel which we have to name yet.

Just before Wester Point at Portugal Cove we got through another tight spot that's accessible only at high water.

There are numerous rocks at Wester Point and with just a bit of swell running in it was again a chance to play.

After a short break on the beach by the ferry terminal we made our way back along the shore.

Clyde and myself getting through a narrow spot.

I was running late not expecting to spend so much time playing around the rocks so I bid adieu to my paddle mates and raced back to St. Philips to take out and get home just in the nick of time - without being berated that is *lol*

Dean has some pics on his blog from the point after I departed.

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