Sunday, November 16, 2014

Paddling season enters stage 2

Paddling season entered stage 2 today.  That is, cold weather paddling.  It was 0C with a -8C windchill at put-in.

I didn't expect to get a chance to paddle today based on the weather forecast a couple of days ago but it worked out to be one of the most enjoyable paddles in a while.  I joined Brian and Dean to retrace my path from two days ago.

We had ideal paddle conditions.  Not much wind but chaotic water.

Passing what I've named Steen van Anton.

I paddled near the shore where the water was roughest as rebounding clapotis formed peaks on the waves.  The camera doesn't always capture the action but in this case I had Brian in my viewfinder and then ...

... he disappeared.  I just love how the Nordkapp handles in these conditions.

Near Topsail Beach the sun came out.  It bathed everything in a bright glow.

After brief stop at Topsail Beach we returned to St. Philips as the wind increased somewhat and things got more chaotic.  But that didn't stop me from sticking close to the cliffs.

Back at St. Philips the cold wind on wet hands suggests its not going to get warmer any time soon.  No problem.  Winter paddling beckons.

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