Saturday, May 11, 2013

Heaving the throw bag

Thursday evening I wanted to practice heaving my throw bag.  I gave it a good toss and it landed right in front of my kayak but disappointingly close.  I retrieved the rope and began to stuff it back into the bag for another toss.

That's the thing about practice.  I find out unexpected things like its not easy restuffing the bag with neoprene mitts on.  I could have removed one mitt but decided to just bundle it up, lift my skirt enough to dump it into my cockpit.  That's what I'd probably have to do anyway in winter.  Or in choppy seas with the risk of capsize or in danger of being driven onto the rocks.

Seems so innocent these little things that are better found out beforehand.  With neoprene mitts, it could be just one shot to get that saving toss.


  1. I had the same issue after a rescue out in cupids a while back. Threw the bag good got the lad off the rocks. But I ended up with a mess of rope on my deck for the rest of the paddle. There was a newer bag out a while back with a large opening for quick repacking; but can't recall the name off hand.

  2. Lee, it just pried up a corner of my skirt an stuffed it in the cockpit out of the way. That at least clears the deck but can be problemtic if it needs to be used again. Maybe the need to use it once will make everyone else a bit more careful so it won't have too be used again.

    Tony :-)