Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A quickie is good

Spring seems to be taking her good sweet time in coming.  Tuesday afternoon showed the promise of what is to come.  I thought it would be a perfect evening for a short, impromptu paddle so I mailed some of the guys who I thought might be avalable.  Dean, the kayakoholic, was interested and one hour after leaving work he was on the water.

The tide was low which made the swell really stand up when it met the shallows.  We had to be careful not to be caught in the holes created as the water sucked back off of the rocks.

The sun gave a gentle, honey glow to everything as it sank in the late evening sky.

We don't generally paddle in the evenings.  Maybe we should take more advantage of these longer days because after all, a quickie *lol* is always good.


  1. Hi Tony,

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  2. Thanks for your kind comments.

    Tony :-)