Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Up she comes

A week ago Sunday, Dean got knocked over at Sailing Point on our way to Portugal Cove.  I didn't realize it but the longer I waited for him to appear I knew something was wrong  I doubled back to see if I could be of assistance.  When I did he emerged from the channel, wet.  I knew he had needed to execute a roll.

Sunday on our way back rom LaManche he followed Clyde through some rocks.  Cyde rode the rising water and got through no problem.  Dean caught the water sucking out, his kayak went near 45 degrees sliding back into the hole and he had a look at the fishes.  I watched as he set up and he rolled without fuss.

That was two weeks in a row.  I was impressed.

The point is he's practiced, practiced and practiced.  That''s why I was at the pool last night.  There is no substitute.  If you get knocked over its too late to wonder if the roll is still good.  Confidence is everything then.

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