Thursday, January 24, 2013

Time travel, the easy way

We have agreed to do a presentation of our six day Merasheen trip last August and I'm putting the picture part of it together.

Each of the five of us took pictures.  If all of our cameras were synchronized for date and time, all I'd have to do is watch out for duplicate file names but otherwise just combine the pictures in one file and sort on date and time.

Simple enough except Hazen modified his pictures and they all have out of sequence dates.  My first attempt at changing the dates was to turn back the computer system clock and save the files with the right date and time.  That worked until I copied the files into the combined file when the system somehow changed the time stamp.

A little research discovered Microsoft Photo Gallery.  It makes it simple to change a picture's date and time.  Now I have Hazen's shots aligned with Dean's and mine.  So far, looking good.

Above, Hazen's picture of Clyde on a beautiful day at Merasheen.

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