Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top 10 paddles of 2012 - #3

On June 16th Clyde, Dean, Tobias and I put-in in Middle Cove in search of whales.  We left Middle Cove and paddled over to Motion and Torbay where flocks of seagulls hovered overhead, a sign that was where the whales were.  We mostly sat and waited for a glimpse.

We sighted some whales.  I got some pictures but mostly of flukes going away from us.  One came towards us and dove.  I plunged the camera into the water and caught it swimming under my kayak.  Awesome!

I posted all the decent pictures on the original post so you can check them out there.  Unfortunately, those are all I had.

It wasn't the best whale sighting ever but it was a short encounter with whales.  That's always a highlight for anyone in a kayak.

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