Saturday, September 22, 2012

Around Bell Island, the long way (1)

I've circumnavigated Bell Island before.  Then I took the ferry over, did the circumnavigation and took the ferry back.  Dean and I have talked about doing it again but this time we'd do the crossing ourselves.  That adds 10 kms to the trip.

This morning Brian, Dean, Hazen and I met at St. Philips to do the 5 km crossing to Dominion Pier on Bell Island before starting our paddle around the island.

Dean and I were dressed in dry suits.  It was too hot.  At Dominion Pier I took mine off.  Once dressed more appropriately for the unseasonable warm weather we left Dominion Pier and headed north to do the trip counter clock wise.

Immediately we were under the tall cliffs of the island.

It was a spectacular day, more like mid-summer and not the day when summer turned into fall.

We were near the north end of the island which this feature indicated.

The water was several hour from high tide but we padded into this tunnel to see if we could get through anyway.  Dean managed it but with quite some effort.  The rest of us decided to go around.

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