Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Top 10 paddles of 2012 - #7

On September 29th we had a moonlight paddle.  It was the third year in a row we've tried.  In the previous two years clouds hid the moon but this year it actually made an appearance.

Getting ready is the same in the dark as in daylight.

Assembled an all accounted for we were off.

 Sue paddles in the dark with the lights of the drill rig Henry Goodridge in the distance.

We did have moonlight.

We got out for a stretch at Topsail Beach, found an abandoned fire pit that was still smouldering and got it going again.

Here's a group shot of the crew that made the night.

Paddling in near darkness is different and that's why its on my list of top paddles for the year.  It likely will be each and every year.

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