Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top 10 paddles of 2012 - #5

Every winter the sea along Canada's northern coast freezes over.  In spring it breaks up and drifts south on the Labrador current.  So, on the 3rd of April I went looking for the pack ice.

Here, in Middle Cove, it was rafted up tight to the shore leaving no open water to paddle in.

A few kilometers over in the next community of Torbay the ice was in but further off shore so I put-in and paddled out to it.

Bits and pieces floated near the main field of pack ice.

Some indescript, some with more interesting features.

I reached the main field where there was no way through.

After drifting south on the Labrador current we need  north to northeast wind to drive it on shore.  It was the middle of the week so I took advantage of its presence before an opposite wind drove it off shore again.

Middle of the week meant going by myself but it was safe enough in the cove.  I was within eyesight of anyone on shore.

Paddling around the ice floes is great fun practicing bow rudders and ...

... paddling through icy channels and ...

... running the boat up onto an ice pan to get out for a stretch.

I was glad I went.  On the weekend following, the ice was gone.

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