Saturday, December 15, 2012

Brocks Pond Falls

The water was calling and there was a chance of snow.  Rather than take a chance on driving farther afield and returning on snow covered roads, Dean, Neville and I settled on a paddle from St. Philips to Portugal Cove.  We exited the harbour and headed north long the coast.

It was cool but comfortable.  The evidence of the cold weather of the last few days was plastered on the cliffs as icicles.

There was the gentlest of swells running in the bay.  We were surprised by the violent collision on the shore in spite of the gentle swell.

Away from shore the swell was imperceptible.

The places we usually paddle through were just too rough today.  Most passages were too narrow to chance being thrown up on the rocks.  Most that is, with the exception of a passage just before Portugal Cove.  There the water was as violent washing over the rocks but with enough water in behind, the waves dissipated in confused aerated water.

We got to Portugal Cove, discussed options and without deadlines we decided to paddle on to have a look at Brocks Pond Falls.  With all the icicles we had already seen we thought the falls would be quite a spectacle.

North of Portugal Cove the cliffs drop straight down into the sea.  The greater depth of water meant less action along the shoreline.

Brocks Pond Falls did not disappoint.  There was still running water but there was a lot of ice.  We hung out a bit listening to the running water before we turned our bows south, back towards Portugal Cove and St. Philips.

Three hours in the kayaks and 20 kms under our hulls, we decided we were due a fish and chips at By the Beach Restaurant.  And then some coffee.  One of us, I think, was trying to avoid work waiting at home ;) ;)

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