Sunday, December 23, 2012

Top 10 paddles of 2012 - #9

September 6th was a Thursday which meant we met at St. Philips for some practice.  It was pretty calm.  The drill rig Henry Goodridge was in Conception Bay so a few of us went out to have a closer look.

It was only a short paddle of a couple of kilometers but these floating islands of iron don't come around that often so it was a novelty.

We gradually got closer just to let the crew on board know we weren't a threat.  They waved and I did a couple of rolls as if I was a trained seal.

Being at water level took me almost 40 years back in time when I worked on a couple of drill rigs.  It was early days for oil exploration off of Newfoundland but in time several significant oil fields were discovered.  I left after a year to try something else before the discovery of Hibernia.

The unusual destination and the memories rekindled makes me put this on my list of top 10 paddles for the year.  Here's the original post.

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