Saturday, December 22, 2012

Top 10 paddles of 2012 - #10

The number 10 top paddle of 2012 was a paddle Dean, Hazen and I did today.  Why? Well, its on the basis of "What have you done for me lately".  Its fresh and on the 10th last day of the year.

We drove to Holyrood Marina where we put in amidst all the yachts that had been taken out of the water for the year.

We left the harbour underneath the looming Burwetts Mountain at 350 feet and topped by a huge cross.  

Crossing Holyrood Bay under another local "mountain" Butterpot, at 1,000 feet.  Snow covered its heights whereas at water level the snow had already melted away.

Blow Me Down Bluff, where we were headed looked a long way off but ...

before we knew it, we were there.

We entered Red Rock Cove where Lower Cambrian red slates are faulted up against the darker Harbour Main volcanic rocks.

The red slates underwent low grade metamorphism by the heat of the Holyrood granite batholith when it was intruded.

Harbour Main Point reached, we paddled into Harbour Main for a lunch stop.

Lunch stop beach.  There was a gentle breeze blowing out of the southeast that added just a little chill to the air.  I donned wool mittens as I ate my lunch but my feet turned to what felt like junks of ice standing on the cold rocks.  No big deal, its the price of getting out this time of year.

Mark it down, it was an enjoyable paddle and comes in at number 10.

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