Friday, December 14, 2012

Tempus fugit

Today is December 14th.  Egad, December is almost over and the year as well.  Its been a blur when I think back to this past year's New Year Day paddle in Quidi Vidi.

I haven't paddled as much this year but there are still lots of memorable moments on the water.  With fewer trips there will be fewer to pick from as the top paddles of the year. Nevertheless, over the next couple of days I'll go over my calendar to pick out 10.  It will be a look back but at the same time I'll be thinking of next year and thinking about new coasts to paddle.

Time flies and sadly I can't seem to do anything about slowing it down.  The only option is to take advantage of every day, like we did last weekend at Bay Bulls where I caught Dean making headway in the challenging conditions.


  1. Ooooohhhhh, beautiful pictures. Readers, please ignore this unwanted intrusion. I'm hoping to avoid pre-moderation but if these wankers keep posting messages unconnected to paddling I may have to.

  2. I get these all the time. I just go into my Blog editor and delete them as Spam. That way you, the viewer, don't even know that they've been posted!! Badda boom badda bing!!!

  3. i have been doing the same thing, Sean...