Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 10 paddles of 2012 - #2

On April 7th a bunch of us went for a paddle with icebergs.  The icebergs were grouped together close to shore just north of Quidi Vidi.

After exiting Quidi Vidi, we were there in minutes.

They were huge.

There was a gentle swell that washed up against the mountains of ice.

 It was early in the year so it was still cool, more so close to the bergs; Hazen wore a wool cap.

The bergs are brought to us from Greenland via the Labrador Current.  Once they drift into our vicinity we need northeast or easterly winds to blow them onshore where they are close enough for us to reach in kayak.

These two pieces of ice sticking their necks out of the water are pieces of one that are joined underwater.

Closer inspection showed a third piece was part of the same berg.

If I recall correctly, there were half a dozen bergs in the small cove.  It was like hitting the jackpot because its been several years since bergs drifted in close enough for us to reach.  We hung out for quite some time just sitting in our boats admiring the spectacle.

Because it doesn't happen every year, a paddle with icebergs in my number 2 paddle of 2012.

By coincidence (I looked back) a paddle with icebergs was also my #2 paddle last year but I had to drive 6 hours to see them.  Last year I was by myself, this year I could share the experience with friends.

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