Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sweeping out the cobwebs

Its been a month since I've had a day paddle and three weeks since I was in my boat at all.  But I have  good excuse.  I figured my thumb had healed enough and I was going to get out.  I was going to sweep out the cobwebs.

 Dean, Tobias and I met at Bay Bulls on a cool morning but without wind it was comfortable enough.  The coast along inner reaches of Bay Bulls is low rocks topped by stunted fir and spruce.

A gentle swell inside meant it was likely rough outside in the open ocean.  When the swell hit the rocks it turned the water to foam.

The low laying terrain soon gave way to more impressive cliffs.  In the small coves the water got more confused as clapotis interacted with the incoming waves.

 Tobias enjoying the day.

At the headland it got pretty gnarly.  On this day we stayed further off shore because getting caught inside the break zone would have resulted in serious consequences.  For sure the Baboul Rocks were off limits today.

We paddled in the open ocean feeling the power of the sea as far as South Head and within sight of Gull Island.  Content with that much, we turned and returned to Bay Bulls.  I was so happy to be back paddling; it felt like I had met a long lost friend.  Thanks Dean and Tobias for mking the day possible.

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