Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 10 paddles of 2012 - #1

My top paddle of the year was our trip around the island of Merasheen between August 11th and 16th.  It was a six day, five night kayak camping trip in Placentia Bay with Clyde, Dean, Hazen and Neville.  This is a summary of the trip with a few new shots.  The original series of posts of the trip start here.

We left from Arnolds Cove to cross to Long Island and then a further short crossing to Merasheen.   Paddling down the east side of the island we landed for the night at Rosiru having covered 36 kms.

The next day we finished the east coast, paddled across the exposed south side and camped in the resettled community of Little Merasheen for a daily distance of 32 kms.

The third day was windy with fog.  We had a short paddle of 19 kms to Merry Harbour.

The next day we left all our gear in Merry Harbour and spent the day paddling around the Ragged Islands.

After two comfortable nights in Merry Harbour we moved on to Tacks Beach, another resettled community on Merasheen Island.

The threat of incoming windy conditions and work commitments of some of the guys meant we cut the trip one day short and headed for home.

We had flat calm conditions for the crossing back to Arnolds Cove which lay in the center distance.

Any of the daily paddles could individually have made a top 10 paddle but it wouldn't have left much room for my other memorable paddles in the year.  Overall, it was a great year with a nice mix of experiences.

Now, its looking ahead at 2013 to plot next years memories.

Happy New Year paddling world.


  1. Great choice Tony. It was an incredible trip. The Ragged Islands and Tacks Beach/Best's Harbour are magical.

  2. What a great series of paddles Tony, I have enjoyed your photos and write ups.

    Have an even better 2013.

    Douglas :o)

  3. Yes, Clyde, hard to top that trip but maybe we'll have a shot at it this year.

    Thanks Douglas. There was a nice mix of paddles this year and also a fair bit of the familiar. Hoping for more of the same this year. All the best for 2013.

    Tony :-)