Monday, December 24, 2012

Top 10 paddles of 2012 - #8

On January 15th a group of us went to Bay Bulls for a cool winter's day paddle.  The day started out sunny and bright.  We paddled along the south shore.  There was no wind.

We poked into every little cave and overhang.

 Icicles clinging to the rocks testified to the fact it was cool out.

We were in no hurry as we ducked into every cove ...

 ... and every cavernous opening.

We reached the end of the shoreline and reached the open ocean where things were a little more active.

Up to that time it was easy going.  We crossed the mouth of the harbour and as we did the wind picked up sending meter high wind waves on our port side.  We made the crossing but were then faced with a 5 kms paddle back to the put-in with 50 km winds, gusting to 60, directly in our faces.

It was a tale of two paddles.  It started off a benign paddle but ended as a gut-busting slog.  All of us were relieved to get back and off the water.  The second part was a paddle from hell but that made it memorable and that's why its on my list of top paddles for the year.

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