Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shorter days

At the setting of the sun

Our Thursday evening sessions at St. Philips are getting shorter as each day we're losing about two minutes a day of daylight.  Sunset today was at 7:18 but its still worthwhile getting out for a workday evening.  Not only for the paddling, but also for the sunsets.

Almost gone

We squeezed every last minute out of the evening as the last rays of sunlight sank behind Bell Island.


  1. Hi Tony, I too love paddling in the sunset. It is very easy to do during a Scottish winter as you don,t need to stay up late :o)

  2. Douglas, pretty soon we'll be able to paddle at sunset before supper. Such is the cycle of going around the sun. Always get some interesting pictures in sunsets too!

    Tony :-)