Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Around Bell Island, the long way (3)

We were on our way again after our stop for lunch.  As we left Front Bell Cove we felt the wind blowing from the southeast.

Occasionally the high cliffs gave way to small coves, but there weren't many.

Approaching Chimney Rock we were almost across the south facing end of the island.  Around the corner we turned in a northerly direction and back towards Dominion Pier.

Hazen paddling in front of Lance Cove.

At Scotia Pier the rocks took on a reddish tinge indicating there was more hematite in the rock.  Scotia Pier and Dominion Pier were two of the piers where the mined iron ore was loaded into bulk carriers when the mines were still operating on Bell Island.  There's not much left now, only crumbling concrete and rusting, twisted iron.

Five hours after leaving Dominion Pier for our circumnavigation we were back for a quick break before we crossed back to St. Philips.

Facing into the southeast winds we made our way across the 5 km crossing of the Tickle.  The distance we crossed in the morning on calm seas took an additional 15 minutes in the wind.  I was relieved to be back at St. Philips.

Dean, Hazen and I stopped for coffee while Brian decided to go directly home  At the restaurant I decided I may as well have supper so I had their specialty, fish and chips.  I felt I deserved it having gone around Bell Island, the long way.


  1. you say: 'I'm one lucky guy and I know it.'
    Well, yes you are! Thanks for sharing this very nice trip!

    Katrien & c°

  2. I am indeed a lucky guy but not only for the paddling. The key is realizing that each of us is lucky in our own way and in our own circumstances.

    Glad you enjoy the pictures Katrien and thank you for having a look.

    Tony :-)