Sunday, September 2, 2012

Confusion reigns


Today Dean and I intended to practice some self and assisted rescues in the forecasted northerly winds at St. Philips.  It wasn't very challenging in the cove so Dean, Gary and I dropped the rescue idea and paddled north up to Portugal Cove.

Once we left the cove the seas got very confusing.  There was no rhythm to the sea and on top of that the clapotis made it totally confusing.  There weren't waves per se, just peaks.

We arrived in very good time at Portugal Cove pleased with the conditions.  I offered the best way to learn to paddle in confusing seas is to paddle in ... confusing seas.  Seems obvious.

I didn't bring my camera as I didn't expect to use it.  Note to self: always bring camera along.


  1. it makes for good practice for intuitive type paddling as you cannot really read the waves, cannot predict much of anything... you just paddle and feel the motion of the kayak on the 'waves' as it bounces in every direction, seemingly all at the same time... makes for a fun couple of hours....

  2. It was indeed a fun couple of hours. I just let the kayak go where the waves forced it and on average it will stay on course.

    Tony :-)