Monday, September 24, 2012

Around Bell Island, the long way (2)

Fourty-five minutes after leaving Dominion Pier we were at the north end of Bell Island and pointed our bows southerly to paddle down the west side of the island.

A major sea stack.

The coast along here featured what looked like a numerous caves but were in fact the result of extracting iron ore.

I ran the kayak up on the slippery slope and gingerly made my way up to have a look.  After walking around some it became obvious that these were man made.  Brian and Hazen waited while I explored.

The paddle down the west side took to hours before we reached "The Bell" for which Bell Island is named.

We were dwarfed by the cliffs as we paddled between the sea stack and the island.

On the south side of the island, at Front Bell Cove, we stopped for lunch.  It was 12:15 and it was time to eat.  We had paddled 21 kms and were a bit over half way through our circumnavigation of Bell Island, the long way round.

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