Thursday, September 20, 2012

Clouds, from one side now

Sometimes the thing that captures our attention on the water is the coastline.  Sometimes its the kayaks along the coastline.  This evening three of us paddled a familiar coast and the thing that captured my attention was the clouds.

Before the sun set, the sky was greyish with the drill rig Henry Goodridge floating on the horizon.

After the sun went down it seemed everything turned to blue.

It stayed blue but the clouds were ever changing.

While the sun had set, the openings in the clouds allowed enough light to highlight ... a kayaker.

And another kayaker and the Henry Goodridge with her lights coming on.

Gene, Glen and I finished our paddle just as darkness set in.  In the descending darkness the clouds disappeared and it all turned to black but there was interest in that in between time between sunset and total darkness.

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