Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paddling under the harvest moon

Last night 15 paddlers in 13 kayaks met at St. Philips for a moonlight paddle.  It was a harvest moon paddle; the harvest moon being so named because it is the full moon nearest the autumn equinox.  Farmers used it to extend their harvest time in fall.  We used it as a backdrop to a very enjoyable paddle.

We have tried to do this paddle for three years but up to now weren't lucky enough to have the moon accompany us.  Here is shines on the water with the lights of St. Philips.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Not true on this night.  This shot catches Sue under the moon with its light shimmering on the water.  It was much more surreal than the picture suggests with much more light being actually cast on the water.

We paddled out of the harbour and the first thing Alex and I saw was a meteor.  It blazed a trail across the sky that was almost in slow motion compared to a meteorite.  I thought to myself, the night was off to a good start.

Still in the bay was the oil drill rig Henry Goodridge, just over the bow of the red boat.  We paddled out to it in daylight two weeks ago but in the dark it was lit up like a Christmas tree.

While there was a significant amount of light provided by the moon I till had to get up close in order for the camera flash to capture any detail.  Here, Dean, who always seems to be on the water when I am gets caught by the flash.

We stopped for a break at Topsail Beach.  There was very little wind but a sizeable broad open swell was running.  When it hit the beach it required care in landing.  Dad Alex makes it easy for Sandy.

We all had various arrangements of glow sticks so we could keep track of everyone on the water.

When we landed Dean spotted a campfire that was abandoned but still had hot embers.  We collected what wood was around and got it going again.  Oh but for a bag of marshmellows!

Here's the crew on last night's paddle.

Excellent paddle all around gang, thanks very much for sharing the night.

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