Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hodge podge strained through a Leslie


Hurricane Leslie lingered near Bermuda before she headed north with Newfoundland as the bulls eye.  When she hit it was downgraded to a tropical storm but she still packed a punch.  The Tickle was a mass of frothy water in the 40 knot winds with gusts to 50+.  I went to have  look as I was really interested in the conditions at St. Philips.  I was impressed as I watched the tops of the waves being ripped off by the wind.

The oil rig Henry Goodridge seemed to be laughing at the wind and saying, give me your best. 

Calm here

I was surprised to see hardly a ripple in the cove at St. Philips.

Green light?

I considered running home to get my kayak but I thought better of it.  I was afraid anyone on shore would think me an idiot.

Waves crashing

On the north side of the cove the wind and waves came in with full fury.


Nothing going on in the boat basin either.

It seemed to me a metaphor when things go south in a kayak.  Amid all the confusion outside, everything should remain calm on the inside.

Leslie left in a hurry but power and other services weren't restored to some for hours later.  I said good riddance.

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