Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stuff happens

Getting out and doing

At the conclusion of day 3 of the Wilderness & Remote First Aid course on Monday each of us were asked to sum up the course in one word. I suggested "prevention". I saw enough simulated gore that I thought I'd never want to have to confront the real thing.

Everything carries a certain amount of risk. Even stamp collecting carries the risk of papercuts *lol*. Sea kayaking is one of the more risky adventure activities but the rewards are great. Risk can, however, be managed through the exercise of good judgement. Having made the decision to put-in, risk is further managed by considering the "what ifs". Like what could happen if I miss time my run through this rock garden? What if a rogue wave arrives while I'm in this cave?

Stuff happens and hopefully we are equipped to deal with the consequences. The best rescue and First Aid is not having to go there in the first place. So, think ahead, be careful out there and enjoy.


  1. Just out of curiosity - in the course did you learn about head trauma caused by falling ice?


  2. lmfao at sean.

    Tony all the training will kick in the moment you need it. And seriously you wouldn't believe the small things that kill people and some people you never would think could live do.

    I havent done a wilderness survival course but have done a tactical trauma care course. And have seen that training save a good many life's.

  3. Sean, yes, it did deal with head injuries but not icicles spearing the skull *lol* Best protection for that is a helmet, which I wear in winter.

    Lee, you are right. I think when the sh*t hits the fan the training will kick in. Be good to be able to practice first aid like all the kayak paddling stuff.

    Tony :-)