Monday, February 13, 2012

A double seal launch

On Saturday we got to the put-in with snow covering the ground. The slipway, free of snow was iced over. We had to load our boats well above the slipway or we would have slid in. I cautiously dragged my fibreglass Nordkapp to the water and got in. Dean and Clyde in plastic boats got in with the intention of seal launching. I got the camera ready.

Dean slides in first

Clyde got ready and I waved him on when I was ready to film him sliding in.

Clyde enters smoothly

They weren't very steep seal launches but still entertaining. The last time we had a decent seal launch was back on 31 January 2009 when Stan seal launched off of a beach on Bell Island. The beach was steeper and he slid in with some aplomb.

A longer and steeper run-in would make it even more entertaining.


  1. Nice ones Tony. I remember that one well. My whole bow was submerged and I rebounded out like a cork popping off a wine bottle. lol


  2. I remember that one well too Stan, it was a large day. I've been trying to think of a place a bit steeper where we could get a good run and one that's fibreglass friendly. There aren't many that come to mind.

    Tony :-)