Sunday, February 26, 2012

Call me Doc

I can't get a pulse

Not paddling but off this weekend to do a 3-day Wilderness & Remote First Aid course. So, don't call me Doc yet but I certainly feel better equipped to deal with a wide range of calamities.

It was an eye opening experience to be confronted with the diversity of situations that can arise, some totally unexpected like a peanut allergy and some obvious like a burn scenario. It was all made to look very real by great props and believable actors and actresses.

Some of the other situations involved airway emergencies such as like an asthma attack, respiratory and cardiac events and head, spine, bone, muscle and joint injuries.

I did the course because the last three years I've been on kayak camping trips far removed from civilization and felt I wanted some insurance to cover situations that could arise. I don't expect to act on the same level as a fully trained emergency responder but when you're way out there, all you may have is to rely on Tony. That, I learned, is better than nothing.

Very much recommend taking at least a basic course in First Aid.


  1. I did the same course 2 years ago, and it was awesome. I second your recommendation.

  2. Agreed Brian. Great course in some of the crappiest weather all winter. Talk about adding realism to the festivities.

    Tony :-)