Friday, February 10, 2012

Waiting to breathe

Upside down

Rolling takes only seconds, well, a successful roll that is. I think back to when I was first learning to roll and one thought I had was "I got to get up out of this". I don't recall thinking to myself that I have lots of time to get this right. Its taken practice to train my mind and to stay at ease.

One skill that has really brought home how much time I have to set-up and roll is the wet re-entry, reattach skirt under water and roll. Once I learned that skill I felt more at ease because I knew I had more than enough hang time to set-up and roll.

That's opened up more opportunities to practice different scenarios. Like, being knocked over with camera in hand, stash camera in PFD pocket and roll. In between though, in the pool, its fun to catch another person rolling. Maybe I'll have a chance to use this if there are whales about this summer.

Anyway, the thing is practice, practice, practice and have fun.

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