Thursday, February 9, 2012

Incoming weather

Thursday 11:30 pm

We're expecting yet again another winter storm. I thought it would be kinda cool to show progressively how its predicted to pass over us. And, to provide a link to another great weather tool that we have at our disposal.

I regularly refer to SmartBay for wind direction and speed but they also provide a pressure and precipitation forecast. The pressure forecast shown in isobars gives an indication of the strength of the winds. The tighter the isobars the stronger the winds.

The map shows the incoming snow and the isobars. As the low approaches the winds are from a southeasterly direction.

Friday 2:30 am

At 2:30 am Friday the bull's eye passes over. The interesting bit of information I get out of this is how the isobars are tightening up. The wind speed is picking up and now coming from the east as the wind cycles counter clock wise around the center of the low.

Friday 11:30 am

Friday 11:30 am the storm is almost past, the isobars are loosening up and the wind is coming from a northeasterly direction.

These sets of weather maps are great because they present the incoming weather in graphical detail more so than getting an AM and a PM wind forecast.


  1. We're expecting yet again another winter storm
    funny :-) we too for the next three days

  2. Lucky us Gio *lol* but Saturday looks to be a good day and I get out in my kayak, finally.

    Tony :-)

  3. Was a beautiful day on the water today!!

  4. Ya, I bet Lee. I considered it but decided to go for a skate instead.

    Tony :-)